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Worker Profile – Dylan Preston

Meet Dylan Preston, a physiotherapist from Northern NSW. He recently headed to the South West of WA to hit up Margaret River for its weather, lifestyle, and world-beating surfing conditions. Deciding to get back to nature and out on the road crossing borders following a COVID-interrupted couple of years, Dylan came across a grape vine […]

Grower Profile – Chinnery Farm, Carnarvon, WA

Carnarvon on WA’s mid-north coastline, midway between Perth and Port Hedland, is a unique location that makes for a truly memorable work or holiday experience. It’s the ideal mid-point for restocking supplies, fishing, exploring outlying areas, or, of course, sampling locally grown produce. Produce of which there is an abundance. Think of any staple fruit […]

Site Profile – South West Western Australia (Rural Enterprises Australia)

Rural Enterprises Australia (REA) has been providing rural recruitment services for over 60 years in Western Australia forging strong relationships with farmers and farm workers alike. Rural Enterprises is very much a family business and focused on more than just filling vacancies. They have a passion for agricultural and rural business, and enjoy hearing people’s […]

Commodity in Focus – Cotton

Cotton – it’s only natural Australia’s cotton industry is known for producing high-quality fibre using efficient and sustainable farming practices. With a focus on environmental responsibility, the industry is well-positioned to continue its success in the global marketplace. Do you know how cotton is farmed? Cotton in Australia is mainly grown in New South Wales […]

New Harvest Guide

The latest and 17th edition of the National Harvest Guide is now available. This guide is produced to assist horticulture jobseekers, both Aussies and overseas visitors, locate picking and packing and other harvest jobs across all major horticulture areas in Australia. It contains crop calendars for all areas: and a description of the location, how […]


In this edition, we continue our series on ‘Harvest Trails’… Remember that the Harvest Guide can be a valuable resource if you want to work out your own personal Harvest Trail. You can download the National Harvest Guide or call the Harvest Trail Information Service (HTIS) on free call 1800 062 332 and request a […]

Where to work for a second or third year WHM visa

To be eligible to apply for a second or third Working Holiday (subclass 417) or Work & Holiday (subclass 462) visa, you must have already completed a prescribed minimum period of ‘specified work’.  This information applies equally to both 417 and 462 visas so the collective term ‘Working Holiday Maker’ (WHM) visas will be used. ‘Specified […]

Becoming More Employable – be mobile/transport options

There have been plenty of revelations about harvest work exposed by the global pandemic in recent years. However, from a worker’s perspective, a couple of things have remained challenging – sourcing accommodation and working out how you’re going to get to the farms. The Harvest Trail Information Service as well as every Harvest Trail Service […]

Pay Deductions – know what can and can’t be deducted from your wages

Can the boss deduct money from your wages for accommodation and transport? Don’t let your hard-earned pay go to waste – know the rules that protect you! There are clear guidelines so employers and workers know exactly what can and can’t be deducted from your pay. Stay informed and protect your finances on your next […]

Piece rates – still legal

Have you seen where farmers are no longer allowed to pay piece rates, where you are only paid for the amount of fruit you pick? Believe it or not – not everything on social media is accurate! Piecework remains legal but the rules have certainly changed. Know your facts before you start that farm job. […]