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Commodity in Focus – Citrus Fruits

The landscape of Australia’s citrus farming Citrus orchards flourish in many of Australia’s regions, providing year-round employment opportunities. The industry’s backbone is its orange varieties, complemented by lemons, limes, mandarins and grapefruits, each variety having its specific harvest season. Other less common citrus fruits include tangerines, pomelos, clementines and tangelos. The sector is vital to […]

Commodity in Focus: Citrus

Have you ever wandered through a citrus orchard and felt that zesty air of potential? That’s the Australian citrus industry for you: a vibrant collection of oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit, each telling a story of innovation, sustainability, and a thirst for global recognition. Reflecting on insights gained at the Australian Citrus Conference, let’s peel […]

Using the Fair Work Ombudsman Service & Resources

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is responsible for ensuring fair work practices across Australia. With a keen eye on compliance, the FWO is here to help you navigate the complexities of employment laws, making sure you’re looking after not only your crops but also your workers. For those in the horticulture sector, staying on top […]

Citrus Harvest Trail – A Zesty Adventure across Australia

Embark on a vibrant journey through Australia’s citrus belt, where the air is fragrant with the zest of oranges, lemons, and mandarins. From the sun-kissed orchards of Western Australia to the lush groves of Queensland, down through the heart of New South Wales, across the bountiful Riverland of South Australia, and into the historic citrus […]

Don’t forget your Tax Return

It’s that time of year again to complete your annual tax return for the Australian Taxation Office. The Australian income year starts on 1 July and ends on 30 June the following year. The annual tax return details all your income for the year and enables the government to calculate if you’ve paid enough or too much […]

Calling into farms unannounced – why it’s a ‘no-no’

Many people in search of work think it’s OK to just call into farms and ask. It may have been an acceptable practice in the past but it’s a definite no-no in today’s world. Why? The answer is simple – biosecurity. Biosecurity refers to all the measures taken to minimise the risk of infectious diseases […]

Ablution block investment – is it worth it?

No beds, no workers. If a region grows commodities that require seasonal workers for only relatively short periods of time, it may not be viable for hostels or other budget accommodation providers to exist. Without somewhere cheap to stay, itinerant workers may not be able to take up seasonal jobs on offer, even if they […]

Work clothes and equipment – what do I need?

So, you’ve got a camper van, a tent, and a copy of the Harvest Guide – you’re ready to do seasonal farm work picking fruit or vegetables. But do you need special equipment or clothing, and do you have to supply it yourself or will it be provided for you? Farm work varies considerably, depending […]

Goodbye from the Harvest Trail Information Service

The Federal Government has advised that as of Friday, 28 June 2024, Harvest Trail Services (HTS) and the Harvest Trail Information Service (HTIS) funding will cease and the services will come to an end. MADEC Australia has provided the Harvest Trail Information Service since 1 July 2003. Thank you to the many jobseekers over the […]

Paying piece-rates and the minimum floor

The two-year anniversary for new piece-rate minimum wage guarantee has come and gone, and we have seen and heard a few different scenarios and impacts the changes have had on growers and workers. Sure, the workforce and labour shortages are still mentioned in broader industry news, but the reality is that Working Holiday Makers and […]