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Navigating Solitude: A Backpacker’s Guide to Mental Health in Australia’s Remote Areas

Exploring rural and remote area Australia can be breathtaking and exciting but there may be a downside. Embarking on a backpacking journey across this diverse country promises adventure and the unexpected. It’s an exhilarating leap into exploring unparalleled landscapes and cultures. Yet, for the sole traveller with the thrill comes the reality of facing solitude […]

Season’s Greetings

From the MADEC team delivering the Harvest Trail Information Service (HTIS), we wish you all a very merry and peaceful Xmas and a prosperous new year. Let’s hope 2024 brings with it favourable weather, pest free crops and plenty of job opportunities. On the subject of work, don’t forget to call the HTIS on 1800 […]

Do you need help finding harvest or horticulture work?

Harvest Areas 2020-23 Consider using Harvest Trail Services to assist you. No cost, no obligation, no risk. Contact the Harvest Trail Information Service or your nearest Harvest Trail Services Office. Harvest Trail Information Service Contact List National Harvest Trail Information Service 1800 062 332 htis@madec.edu.au Harvest Trail Services Contact List Western Australia South West Rural […]

Harvest Trail (Series #4) – Berry Harvest Trail

As part of our series of developing some unique and fun ways to explore the Harvest Trail, we have put together this guide for following berries around Australia, timed for their peak harvests. In order to provide some unique and fun ways to explore Australia using the Harvest Trail, we have added to our series […]