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Chance to win 1 of 5 $100 Coles or Woolworths vouchers… 1. What best describes you? Employer/grower Industry representative Worker Support service provider Accommodation provider Information Centre Other: …………………………………………………. 2. What state do you mainly live/work in? NSW Qld SA NT WA Tas Vic 3. How do you normally read Harvest Trail Talk and/or Harvest […]

In Season – Nuts

Nuts to you! When we think of food harvested from Australian farms, we often just consider grain, fruit and vegetables – but what about nuts? Shake ‘em or leave ‘em? Australia’s two biggest nut commodities are almonds and our very own native macadamias – grown in very different parts of the country. Almonds thrive in […]

National Harvest Guide – new edition

The latest edition of the National Harvest Guide will soon be available. This guide is produced to assist horticulture jobseekers, both Aussies and overseas visitors, locate picking and packing and other harvest jobs across all major horticulture areas in Australia. It contains crop calendars for all areas: and a description of the location, how to […]

Worker Profile – Dennis Hayton

MADEC recently caught up with Dennis while working in Coffs Harbour at a berry packing shed and berry collection store.  We wanted to hear about Dennis’ experience transitioning from previous employment which he held for 15 years and then moved into horticulture work.  Dennis has lived in Coffs Harbour for 20 years and came across […]