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In Season – Nuts

Nuts to you! When we think of food harvested from Australian farms, we often just consider grain, fruit and vegetables – but what about nuts? Shake ‘em or leave ‘em? Australia’s two biggest nut commodities are almonds and our very own native macadamias – grown in very different parts of the country. Almonds thrive in […]

Farm accommodation for workers

For people interested in travelling for seasonal farm work, finding accommodation can be a big challenge.   What do you need to know? Farm jobs – getting back to nature Seasonal horticulture work out in the fresh air has its benefits.   Getting an aerobic workout without paying for gym membership, and getting dirt under your fingernails, […]

Accommodation for Seasonal Workers

Attracting seasonal workers to farms can be a challenge.  When there is little accommodation it can be doubly difficult.  What can you do? No beds, no workers! Seasonal horticulture work is neither practical nor desirable for many people.  With most of our population living in cities or large regional centres, and farms by their very […]

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

Have you heard of WWOOF? No, it’s not a dog with a stutter, it’s a program designed to connect organic farms with people happy to provide volunteer labour in exchange for board, education and cultural exchange. What is WWOOF? Some people keen on sustainability may seek a different working experience than on traditional farms, and […]

Supply of winter workers under COVID-19

Supply of winter workers under COVID-19 There has been some disquiet in the horticulture sector that there may be a shortfall of seasonal workers over winter as many backpackers have returned to their home countries and Pacific workers are not able to enter Australia. However, circumstances are changing quickly and it appears there are now […]

Are you sure your workers are illegal?

Are you sure your workers are illegal? Yes, I meant to say illegal? There are two parallel stories here, the ‘Bridging Visa rort’ and the use of undocumented workers in the horticulture industry. What is the ‘Bridging Visa rort’? Non-citizens who have overstayed their visas and volunteer their presence to authorities are often provided with […]

Bushfire safety for overseas visitors and workers

Bushfire safety for overseas visitors and workers Australia may be one of the safest countries in the world in which to travel, but when nature threatens – knowledge is not only power, it is safety.  If you employ or host backpackers, here is some information to keep them safe. If the ‘drop-bears’ don’t get you… […]