Monthly Archives: May 2021

Employer Profile – Pomona Farming

MADEC Renmark caught up with Craig Best from Pomona Farming who provided a brief update on the business.  He also described how MADEC’s Harvest Trail Services office assists with the recruitment of employees at Pomona Farming. How long have you been at Pomona Farming and how did you get into the horticultural industry? I grew […]

REMINDER – COVID-19 Health Management Plans

Despite the fact that Australia has managed the COVID-19 situation well, we see how easy it is for breakouts to occur, and they continue to do so.  It is no time for complacency and it is alarming to hear that many agricultural workplaces do not have a COVID-19 health management plan in place. There continues […]

Changes to Casual Employment – What You Need to Know

Despite early news of significant changes to the Fair Work Act, on 23 March 2021 both houses of Parliament passed a stripped back version of the Fair Work Amendment (Supporting Australia’s Jobs and Economic Recovery) Bill 2021 – the ‘IR Omnibus Bill’. The Government retained only Schedule 1 of the Bill, which addresses changes to casual employment. […]

Bundaberg Harvest Trail Office

Based in the heart of Bundaberg along Electra Street, the office provides assistance to local growers with their labour needs by sourcing Australian residents and visa holders who are eager to engage in harvest work. Servicing the Wide Bay region which also includes an outreach site at Gayndah, Latarah Heming (above), Harvest Office Manager, travels […]

Worker Profile – Cathie Downie

Originally from Wollongong, NSW, Cathie Downie started her Harvest Work in beautiful Coffs Harbour.  Her intention was to look for any type of work while travelling Australia in her well-equipped van.  Cathie’s thought process was to start with hospitality so she completed her RSA certificate (Responsible Service of Alcohol).   While listening to the news one […]

Commodity In Focus – The BRASSICAS (A big family)

Have you eaten a brassica lately? Do you know what brassicas actually are? A range of commonly eaten vegetables are members of the brassica family (more correctly the family Brassicaceae) including cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. Leaves, flowers, seeds, roots…… An interesting fact about brassicas is that almost all parts of the plants can […]

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

Have you heard of WWOOF? No, it’s not a dog with a stutter, it’s a program designed to connect organic farms with people happy to provide volunteer labour in exchange for board, education and cultural exchange. What is WWOOF? Some people keen on sustainability may seek a different working experience than on traditional farms, and […]

National Harvest Guide – January 2021 edition

The latest edition of the National Harvest Guide is now available. This guide is produced to assist jobseekers, both Australian residents and international visitors, locate harvest work in all areas of Australia. The guide is updated regularly and printed twice a year by the Harvest Trail Information Service. The guide can be found on the […]