Disability Employment

MADEC is contracted by the Australian Goverment to provide Disability Employment Services (DES).

You may be referred to MADEC following an assessment of your work capacity or MADEC can arrange this for you.

Each individual’s circumstances are different, so we encourage you to contact MADEC directly to discuss your eligibility for our DES services.

The three basic criteria for a DES program are that you must:

  • Have a disability, injury or health condition that impacts on your ability to get and/or keep a job
  • Be aged between 14 and 65 years
  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident

Additional requirements may apply, such as providing evidence of your condition.

Talk to your local MADEC today about your individual circumstances so we can help you find the best program to meet your needs.

The Disability Employment Services programme is offered at Clare and Kadina Employment Service areas also covering – Yorketown, Maitland and Balaklava towns.

Contact Us

Our DES Consultants are here to help you. Use this form to send us your questions or feedback.