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What MADEC can do for you

MADEC offers a professional service to all employers. Our industry-experienced consultants will address your recruitment and training needs quickly and efficiently. We will endeavour to refer applicants who match the skills, experience and personal qualities that you have requested.

As an added benefit MADEC can work with you to develop industry specific training for your new and existing staff.

If not efficiently undertaken, recruitment can cost you time and money. By using MADEC this can be greatly reduced.

We will:

  • Work with employers to identify labour requirements
  • Screen all applicants to ensure they meet an employer’s business needs
  • Provide information on wage subsidies
  • Provide post placement support
  • Tailor training packages that are specific to industry

Through regular contact MADEC will continue to provide assistance by offering support to you and your new employee following placement.

Whether it be 1 or 100 staff for casual, Part time, Full time, Short Term or Seasonal work, MADEC are your recruitment specialists.

Why use MADEC?

MADEC staff are dedicated to assisting unemployed job seekers, we go to great lengths to achieve successful results for our clients, at the same time assisting local business with employment and training solutions.

Government Incentives

MADEC will identify and support employers to access wage subsidies which can offer financial incentives for eligible job seekers who gain employment and/or Restart Wage subsidies to support the concept of “Experience Pays” for eligible 50 plus year old job seekers who gain employment. Wage Subsidies can help offset the costs of wages and training for new employees generally for the first six months that they are on the job.