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Grower Profile – Petrucci Vineyards

John Petrucci, Petrucci Vineyards MADEC Harvest Trail Services Manager, Mark McAllister caught up with John and Shana Petrucci from Petrucci Vineyards in McLaren Vale to share their background and experiences in the wine grapes industry. How did you find yourself in McLaren Vale? Our family purchased land in McLaren Vale in 1976 and not long […]

Mildura Harvest Trail Office

The Sunraysia region Harvest Office is located in Mildura in the north west of Victoria and bordering onto NSW. Mildura is quite remote being 540 km north west of Melbourne, 385 km north east of Adelaide and 1000 km south west of Sydney. Mildura is surrounded by multiple national parks, and the Murray Darling river […]

Worker Assistance

Incentives the key to mobilising workers It is now about 18 months since the COVID-19 pandemic started to have a significant impact in Australia, with the closure of the international border on 20th March 2020. This has resulted in a substantial shortage of overseas workers. Consequently lots of resources are being directed to encourage Australian […]

Wage Theft – an offence under new Victorian laws

If you are an employer that is currently, or have been paying workers, new regulations in Victoria make it an offence to deliberately underpay, dishonestly withhold wages or falsify entitlement records. To put it simply this is known as – wage theft. Beware of committing wage theft Wage theft may not be a term you […]

Student Visas

Relaxation of student visa relief for farmers The temporary relaxation of student visa working hours by the Morrison government in January 2021 provided vital relief to many farmers. When numerous Australian industries were dealing with reduced worker availability, the agricultural sector arguably has been one of the hardest hit. A workforce study conducted by Ernst […]


AgMoves with the times to benefit growers Working in the agricultural sector has become even more accessible with the recent launch of AgMove.  Under recent changes to the relocation assistance scheme, incentives have become more attractive to job seekers. Frankly, there’s never been a better time to find employment or transition into the agricultural industry.   […]


Super contribution up All employers need to understand their obligations paying superannuation.  A small increase is due from 1 July, so ensure you cover yourself by being up to date. Super up by 0.5% Employers should all be aware that the Superannuation Guarantee, commonly just referred to as ‘super’, is a compulsory payment to employees […]

Spring means Snake season in Australia

Many of the world’s most venomous snakes live in Australia, but the chances of being bitten are small providing you use common sense and follow some basic rules. Snakes are active in warm weather  ​We are more likely to encounter snakes during the warmer months of the year, from October to April when they are […]