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Recognising mental health issues in your workforce

So, as an employer, you’ve managed to build your required workforce for the upcoming harvest. First box ticked. Next thing to consider is how to minimise turnover. The last thing you need is continual staff changes requiring your time and energy and costing you money to replace lost workers. Workplace health and safety laws help […]

Navigating Solitude: A Backpacker’s Guide to Mental Health in Australia’s Remote Areas

Exploring rural and remote area Australia can be breathtaking and exciting but there may be a downside. Embarking on a backpacking journey across this diverse country promises adventure and the unexpected. It’s an exhilarating leap into exploring unparalleled landscapes and cultures. Yet, for the sole traveller with the thrill comes the reality of facing solitude […]

Farmers and Mental Health

This is the first in a series of occasional articles in relation to the mental health of Australia’s farmers. A recent industry survey  revealed record-low morale among a subset of Australian horticulturalists. The survey cited increasing costs of production, tightening margins and a shortage of skilled labour as major factors in combination forcing growers to […]