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Site Profile – Sunshine Moreton Harvest Area

Employers and workers in the busy Sunshine Moreton Harvest Area are served well by the MADEC Harvest Trail Services Office in Caboolture. The Harvest Area is in south-east Queensland and covers the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay North geographical areas. Together, Harvest Office Manager Amy Nash and Administration Officer Carly Daniels have in-depth knowledge of […]

Commodity in Focus – Mango

It Takes Two to Mango When you think of summer, Australian mangoes come to mind for their sweet aromas and rich flavours, which are sure to get those taste buds dancing. We take a look at the iconic summer fruit and where you can find work for the harvest season. Delicious mangoes have been grown […]

New Harvest Guide – December 2022

The latest and 17th edition of the National Harvest Guide is being readied for publication. This guide is produced to assist horticulture jobseekers, both Aussies and overseas visitors, locate picking, packing and other harvest jobs across all major horticulture areas in Australia. It contains crop calendars for all areas: and a description of the location, […]

How to protect yourself against mosquitoes

With lots of rain and flooding around the country, this will see ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes this summer. So be prepared. Mosquitoes have a positive effect on the ecosystem providing a food source for fish and other wildlife, but they can also be dangerous to humans by spreading diseases through their bites. Prevention In […]


To follow a ‘Harvest Trail’ can be a great adventure for individuals, couples or groups. A Harvest Trail can be anything you want it to be – from a short haul close to your home base, or a long journey which may take months, or even a year, to travel and work right round Australia. […]

Working in a hot Australian summer

Summer is approaching and there is no denying Australia can and will be hot. And that means if you’re outside on a farm then you’re likely in the firing line for an assortment of heat-related illnesses so you must take precautions, know the symptoms, and be able to treat yourself or others in an emergency. […]

Do you need help finding harvest or horticulture work?

Consider using Harvest Trail Services to assist you. No cost, no obligation, no risk. Contact the Harvest Trail Information Service or your nearest Harvest Trail Services Office. Harvest Areas 2020-23 Harvest Trail Information Service Contact List Harvest Trail Information Service 1800 062 332 htis@madec.edu.au Harvest Trail Services Contact List South West WA – Rural Enterprises […]

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings From everyone working in the Harvest Trail Information Service, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a bright and happy New Year. Let’s hope 2023 brings better weather, bumper crops and plenty of job opportunities. Don’t forget to call 1800 062 332 over the festive season if you need work – […]