As part of our series of developing some unique and fun ways to explore the Harvest Trail, we have put together this guide for following berries around Australia, timed for their peak harvests.

In order to provide some unique and fun ways to explore Australia using the Harvest Trail, we have added to our series by putting together another trail or roadmap chasing work across the continent. With vibrant colours and mouth-watering flavours, you can work almost all year just following a ‘berry trail’.

Berries come in many forms of course, with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries being the main commodities that this trail will focus on.

Berry farming is labour intensive, with growers needing lots of workers to help plant, pick, and pack their fruit. So, it’s a commodity ideal for the travelling nomad or Working Holiday Maker looking to earn some money whilst exploring some of what Australia has to offer.

With the help of the latest release of the National Harvest Guide (June 2023 edition), we’ll start you off in Queensland and help you make your way down the east coast of Australia.

Here’s what the various shadings mean in the tables below:

The strawberry harvest in Caboolture, Queensland, kicks off as early as March each year so there’s plenty you can do before making your way south into New South Wales for the blueberry harvest that commences from June.

You can go inland in the north of New South Wales to Tabulam and Lismore where there are some huge blueberry farms, nurseries and packing sheds, then head further south to Grafton and Coffs Harbour.

The main blueberry harvest on the mid-north coast of New South Wales usually runs from June to October. There’s a short break where you could try your hand at blackberry picking in October/November, before the summer blueberry varieties come on from mid-December.

Once you feel like you’ve done enough of New South Wales, keep heading south because the strawberry harvest starts in the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula in Victoria from around November, with blueberries again from December. If you’re keen to mix things up, you can do some raspberry picking too, for a few months from late December until late March.

Perhaps the allure of the sea cliffs, tranquil rivers and alpine mountains of Tasmania will take your fancy. Head there from December to tackle the entire family of berries, harvested mainly in the north of the State for up to five months.

Keen to continue? Then make your way to Perth and the south west of Western Australia. Yet more strawberries can be picked in Wanneroo, Swan Valley and the Perth Hills, or head further south to Manjimup and Pemberton. Workers are required there from around May, with peak season in August and September.

Keep in mind this is a general guide and the timing of the harvests can vary from year to year, mainly as a result of changes in weather.

We highly recommend you plan your trip with each of the regional Harvest Trail Service (HTS) providers, as they’ll have their fingers on the pulse and know what’s going on in their regions. They will have up to date information on crop volumes, labour demand and the current timing of the local harvest.

Call the Harvest Trail Information Service Contact Centre on free call 1800 062 332 and one of our friendly operators will put you in touch with the most appropriate HTS provider.