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Fire Safety

Australia may be one of the safest countries in the world in which to travel, but when nature threatens – knowledge is safety. Following three years of wetter weather patterns (known as La Nina), the Australian Bureau of Meteorology has recently declared that the 2023/24 spring and summer seasons in Australia are predicted to be […]

Working in the Australian summer – heat, snakes and mozzies

Working outside during summer in Australia can be very pleasant. It can also be fierce. But knowledge is power, and being prepared for the conditions can keep you safe, while enjoying the great-outdoors. Summer time is the busiest time Australia is 3,860 kilometres from the northern tip of Cape York to southern Tasmania.  That means […]

Fire Safety

Fire season across the country has well and truly started, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to prepare both on-farm and across your broader community. Following three years of La Nina weather patterns, the recently declared El Nino, backed by a hotter than average August and September, potentially increases bushfire risk. Bushfire preparedness should […]

How to protect yourself against mosquitoes

With lots of rain and flooding around the country, this will see ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes this summer. So be prepared. Mosquitoes have a positive effect on the ecosystem providing a food source for fish and other wildlife, but they can also be dangerous to humans by spreading diseases through their bites. Prevention In […]

Working in a hot Australian summer

Summer is approaching and there is no denying Australia can and will be hot. And that means if you’re outside on a farm then you’re likely in the firing line for an assortment of heat-related illnesses so you must take precautions, know the symptoms, and be able to treat yourself or others in an emergency. […]