While many industries are brought to a grinding halt due to COVID restrictions, horticulture continues to plough on with the need for people to perform critical roles within the industry.

MADEC Harvest Trail Services continues to deliver business as usual to both growers and workers through restrictions and lockdowns.

MADEC Harvest Trail Services have developed and will continue to develop methods that allow a fluid connection between growers and workers at all times. While the preference will always be face-to-face, a contactless service delivery can be provided where restrictions are in place.  

Outline services – Changes to services

Whilst we may be restricted in conducting site visits our experienced Harvest Office Managers are still able to assist with recruitment and coordinate marketing strategies in finding your business staff, making themselves available through alternative means of contact.

MADEC Harvest Trail Services continue to offer pre-employment screening and work entitlement checks at all stages of employment, whether that be when recruiting new staff, or checking the work entitlement status of current employees.  MADEC Harvest Trail Services provides workers with a MADEC Work Entitlement Card, looking similar to a photo ID, the card details the expiry date of anyone on a VISA with work entitlements.

Planning for the future and discussing recruitment needs leading into peak recruitment periods can easily be facilitated.  Contact your local MADEC Harvest Office Manager by clicking here, alternatively, you can call the Harvest Trail Information Service on 1800 062 332 and be transferred directly to your local office. 

Whether querying horticulture work or looking to start work immediately, MADEC Harvest Trail Services continues to connect workers to horticulture work.
Accessing roles currently available is as easy as calling your local Harvest Trail Services office, which can be located clicking here, or by calling the Harvest Trail Information Service on 1800 062 332 for more information.

Once in contact with your local Harvest Trail Services office, they can assist with preparing you for work, directing you to local accommodation options, and provide advice navigating the local area. Once work finishes Harvest Trail Services assist you in finding your next horticulture role to move on to.

Useful links:
Site Directory – https://madec.edu.au/harvest-services/

AgMove Incentives – https://madec.edu.au/harvest-services/harvest-trail-services/hts-incentives/ Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/MADECHTS/