Travelling around the country looking for harvest or horticulture work?

Here are some tips to enable you to do this successfully. 
Any questions?
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  1. Get information relating to any job offer in writing and be sure of what you are committing yourself to before travelling to any work location.
  1. Ensure you have an appropriate visa that enables you to work in Australia. Do not work illegally – if caught you run the risk of being deported.

  2. If possible travel in pairs or small groups, both for safety reasons and to be more attractive to potential employers.

  3. If you are an overseas visitor, employers do not need to take and/or hold your passport. Do not give your passport to anyone under any circumstances unless for the purposes of a VEVO check to establish work rights.

  4. Ensure you know the appropriate award and conditions that you are employed under and what your rights are. Check the website
  1. Make sure you have an Australian Tax File number. Apply at
  1. Your employer is required by law to pay superannuation as part of your remuneration – make sure you know what fund it is being paid into so you can access it if you are a worker from overseas.

  2. Don’t agree to anything you don’t fully understand – ask questions until you are satisfied you have the answers you need. Piece rates are a prime example where workers sometimes agree to conditions that they cannot fulfil.

  3. Don’t agree to perform any task you believe is unsafe – question the grower/farmer if you feel the task is unsafe and remember you are legally entitled to refuse to perform a task if it is unsafe.

  4. Ensure you get a payslip for any work you perform. It is a legal requirement for your employer to give you one. It will help if you have to make a complaint at any stage or if you plan to seek an extension on your visa.