Free legal advice for visa workers

Are you on a working holiday in Victoria and feel like you are getting a bad deal?

If you answered ‘yes’, the Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre may be able to assist you.

Know your work rights

All temporary visa workers have the same working rights as Australian citizens. This means that you are entitled to the conditions of the relevant award (such as the Horticulture Award) which include minimum hourly pay, piece-rate requirements, overtime, and mandatory breaks.

If you are working in Victoria and feel that you are:

  • Being underpaid
  • Being treated unfairly because of where you come from
  • Working too many hours
  • Subject to unwanted sexual advances from your boss,

…contact the Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre (GVLC) who may be able to assist with free legal help.

All discussions are confidential.

Who is the Goulburn Valley Legal Service?

The GVLC is a community legal service based in Shepparton, Victoria, and is a program of ARC Justice, a not-for-profit community organisation dedicated to human rights and social justice.

GVLC can be contacted on 1800 310 900 and are located on the corner of High St and Welsford St, Shepparton.