The Northern Territory has long been known for its massive cattle stations and beef production, but with the growth of horticulture in recent years, NT Farmers has stepped up as the Harvest Trail Service provider for the Top-End. This expansion in horticulture, particularly around Darwin and Katherine, has led to increased demand for labour in the sector.

The Top-End Harvest Area covers Darwin and surrounding areas and extends down to Katherine and Mataranka in NT and west through Kununurra to Broome in Western Australia.

Introducing Rita Cadieux: Harvest Trail Service Coordinator

NT Farmers is excited to introduce Rita Cadieux as the new Harvest Trail Service Coordinator. Rita, originally from Canada, has called Humpty Doo home for over twenty years. She brings a wealth of experience in recruitment, training, and management, having worked in various industries before joining NT Farmers. Her diverse background and dedication to connecting workers with suitable job opportunities make her an invaluable asset to the Top-End agricultural community. To reach out, contact or call 08 89833233.

Source: (NT Farmers) L-R: Aisla Connolly & Rita Cadieux

Introducing Aisla Connolly: Workforce Development Co-ordinator

Aisla is a qualified human resource professional, experienced with government processes. Aisla has been a valuable employee of NT Farmers for over six years and has a thorough understanding of the organisation and the industry and supports growers with workforce solutions. To contact Aisla email or phone 08 8983 3233.

Major Crops in the Top-End


In the Top-End region, mangoes are a major crop and hold significant importance, as the Northern Territory produces over half of Australia’s mangoes. With over 6,600 hectares dedicated to mango farming, this crop requires a large workforce, especially during the peak harvest season, which runs from July to December. The demand for labour during this time is substantial, as mangoes must be picked, sorted, packed and transported in a timely manner to maintain their quality and freshness.

Other major crops include melons and a variety of vegetables, with new crops like cotton emerging. The cotton industry has experienced rapid growth in the NT and marks an exciting milestone with the opening of the NT’s first cotton gin in 2023.

Attractive Destination for Workers


The region is also home to popular tourist attractions such as the Museum and Art Gallery of NT, Darwin Waterfront Precinct, Territory Wildlife Park, Stokes Hill Wharf, Nitmiluk, Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. There are many more wonderful sites to visit, making it an attractive destination for itinerant workers

Job Opportunities in the Top-End

Seasonal job opportunities are available throughout the year, with mango season running from July to December, melon season from May to November, and vegetable crops grown year-round. The cotton industry offers jobs such as harvester operators, tractor drivers, spray unit operators, and technical positions for agronomy staff.

In addition to the traditional horticultural jobs, NT Farmers Harvest Trail Service also regularly seeks experienced farm hands, forklift drivers and machine operators. These specialised positions are in high demand across the country and require unique skills that set them apart from general labour roles. Experienced farm hands are needed to oversee and manage daily operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity on the farm. Forklift drivers play a crucial role in transporting harvested goods and materials, while machine operators are responsible for the smooth operation of various agricultural machinery, such as harvesters and tractors.


To be considered for these positions, candidates must possess relevant experience, certifications, and training, as well as a strong work ethic and the ability to adapt to the climatic conditions of the Top-End region.

As the Top-End region continues to expand its agricultural sector, NT Farmers Harvest Trail Services is committed to providing job opportunities and supporting the growth of the local economy. So, whether you are a backpacker or a local, be sure to check out the exciting employment options available through NT Farmers Harvest Trail Service.