Chris and Katrina Jowett come from generational farming families. Chris's family has farmed on the beautiful self-mulching black soils of the Darling Downs since 1943, while Katrina's has run a dairy farm in the same region since 1926. Their love for farming led them to take a leap of faith and move across the country to Kununurra, initially intending to stay for just nine months. However, the Kimberley's charm won them over, prompting them to establish Acadia Farms.
Source: Acadia Farms

A Thriving Horticultural Enterprise

Acadia Farms operates on sandy-loam soils that are perfect for growing high-quality fresh produce. The farm primarily focuses on producing watermelons, along with pumpkins and zucchini crops.

Employment Opportunities

Source: Acadia Farms

At Acadia Farms work is available throughout the year, with peak employment opportunities during the harvest season which runs from May to November. Workers are needed for various tasks including planting, pruning, harvesting, packing and general farm maintenance. Both seasonal and local workers are welcome, making it an excellent opportunity for those seeking employment in the horticulture sector.

Sustainable and Progressive Farming

Source: Acadia Farms

Despite the challenges of the horticulture industry, the Jowett family remains committed to sustainable and progressive farming practices. A key component of their approach is the utilisation of the Ord Valley Irrigation System, which allows them to irrigate their crops while minimising water waste. This sophisticated system, combined with their commitment to soil conservation and responsible land management, ensures the long-term sustainability of Acadia Farms. With their three young children already taking an interest in the family business, the future looks bright.

Advice for Workers

The Jowett’s dedication to growing and packing their produce in a professional manner has led to a loyal customer base. Chris and Katrina encourage working holidaymakers and other workers to embrace the unique experiences and opportunities in the horticulture sector.

Source: Acadia Farms

Acadia Farms’ success story is a testament to the Jowett family’s passion for farming and their commitment to delivering the best possible products to their customers. Their journey from the Darling Downs to the thriving horticultural hub of Kununurra is an inspiring tale for aspiring farmers and entrepreneurs while offering valuable employment opportunities for those interested in working on the land.