The ‘Record My Hours’ mobile phone app makes it quick and easy for workers to keep a personal record of the hours they work for pay and visa purposes.

The Fair Work Ombudsman strongly encourages all employers to keep proper employee records including hours worked and rates of pay and to issue payslips to all workers.

Sometimes, however, employers fail to do this and this lack of documentation makes it difficult for a worker or the Fair Work Ombudsman to address concerns about underpayments.

All workers are therefore encouraged to manually record their hours either in a diary or now with a specially designed app.

The Fair Work Ombudsman’s ‘Record My Hours’ app makes it quick and easy for workers to record and store the hours they work, plus other information about their employment.

Workers can retrieve this information instantly if an issue about their pay arises and be confident when discussing the issue with their employer.

Users can export the data via email to save it somewhere securely, share it with their employer or even with the Fair Work Ombudsman if they have a question about their entitlements.

The app uses the phone’s location services to let users set their workplace location and automatically record when they start and finish work, based on their location.

The app has other useful functions, is available in 18 different languages and versions for both Apple and Android devices can be downloaded.

Links to download the app from the Apple App and Google Play stores are available on the Fair Work Ombudsman Record My Hours app web page.