The Australian melon industry is thriving, with growers from all over the country working tirelessly to produce the best melons for domestic and international markets. This article aims to showcase the industry's unique features, accomplishments, and contributions to Australia's horticultural landscape

Fun Facts about Melons

Did you know that melons are Cucurbitaceae family members, which includes cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins? Melons come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, with popular varieties like watermelon, rockmelon, and honeydew. Watermelons are around 92% water, making them a refreshing and hydrating snack, while rockmelon and honeydew melons are rich in vitamins A and C. Melons have been cultivated for thousands of years, with evidence of watermelon cultivation dating back to ancient Egypt.

Melon Production Areas

The Australian melon industry is an important source of domestic produce, with most melon production occurring in the northern states, with Queensland producing 34% of the total crop, followed by New South Wales at 28% and Northern Territory at 20%, according to the Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook. Significant growth is predicted in the Northern Territory growing regions over the next five years.

Collaboration for a Stronger Industry

Melons Australia has been actively collaborating with other horticulture bodies through the NFF Hort Council to discuss trade, market access and development opportunities. These efforts have led to significant advancements for the melon industry, including increased engagement with international markets and the establishment of new partnerships. By working together with organisations like AUSVEG, Melons Australia continues to drive growth and innovation within the industry.

Expanding Export Opportunities

Recognising the potential for international growth, Melons Australia has partnered with AUSVEG to deliver a 5-year export growth and development project. This collaboration has seen the organisation participate in international trade shows like Asia Fruit Logistica in Thailand (2022) and Foodex in Tokyo, Japan (2023). These events provide opportunities for Australian melon growers to connect with potential overseas importers and buyers, paving the way for increased exports and market access for the industry.


The Australian melon industry is an exciting and dynamic part of the country’s horticultural sector. The industry is poised for a bright and fruitful future with impressive production and export figures and ongoing efforts to promote growth and collaboration.

Chinchilla Melon Festival: A Celebration of Aussie Melons

The watermelon skiing arena-with seeded melons used as the skis and a helmet is a must. Source: Melons Australia

One of the highlights of the Australian melon industry is the Chinchilla Melon Festival. Held in Queensland, this unique and vibrant event celebrates the Aussie melon industry, drawing tens of thousands of attendees. Melons Australia had a positive presence at the 2023 festival, allowing them to share more about the industry with the public, while presenting and educating consumers on the incredible melon varieties on offer. The festival showcases delicious melons and features exciting activities like melon skiing, melon bungee, and melon-eating competitions.

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