In this edition, we continue our series on ‘Harvest Trails’…

Remember that the Harvest Guide can be a valuable resource if you want to work out your own personal Harvest Trail.

You can download the National Harvest Guide or call the Harvest Trail Information Service (HTIS) on free call 1800 062 332 and request a free hard copy.

The HTIS team have researched Harvest Trails for you and present more here for consideration.

The HTIS team have researched Harvest Trails for you and present more here for consideration.

In the last edition we covered:

Harvest Trail #1 – Top End (NT) to Far North Queensland

Harvest Trail #2  – Top End (NT) to South West WA, and

Harvest Trail #3  – Riverina (NSW) to Goulburn Valley (VIC)

Here are some more trails focussed on Queensland:

Harvest Trail #4 – Sunshine Coast (Qld) to Cairns (Qld)

This is a trail that keeps you in Queensland all year round starting with lychees on the Sunshine Coast and moving northerly all the way to Far North Queensland. Either stay there or head back south and repeat.

Sunshine CoastLychees (Jan-Feb)
BundabergAvocados (Feb-Sept)
Citrus (Apr-Aug)
Macadamias (Mar-Sept)
Vegetables (Mar-Sept)
BowenVegetables (May-Nov)
Cairns/Mareeba/AthertonBananas (all year)
Mangos (Nov-Feb)
Pawpaw (Nov onwards)

Harvest Trail #5 – Bowen (Qld) to Stanthorpe (Qld) and return

This trail allows you to move from the Granite Belt in south east Queensland (around Stanthorpe) up to Bowen just south of Townsville. Work the whole year or take a break when it suits you.

BowenVegetables (May-Nov)
Melons (Jun-Dec)
Stanthorpe/GattonStrawberries (Nov-Apr)
Vegetables (Oct-Apr)

Harvest Trail #6 – Stanthorpe (Qld) to Sunshine Coast (Qld) and return

If you wanted to work a Queensland Trail that keeps you closer to Brisbane and the Gold Coast, you could consider working between the Sunshine Coast and Stanthorpe and the Lockyer Valley.

Sunshine Coast/CabooltureStrawberries (Mar-Sept)
Raspberries (Sept-Oct)
Stanthorpe/GattonStrawberries (Nov-Apr)
Vegetables (Oct-Apr)

Harvest Trail #7 – Winter in Qld to Summer in Vic

Many people head north to Queensland during the winter months to avoid the colder southern states. This trail allows you to do just that. Work the winter months on the Sunshine Coast and then as the weather warms up, head south to Victoria. There are a multitude of options to choose from whether that be from the Sunraysia and Mid Murray areas down through the Goulburn Valley and Werribee to the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula right through to Gippsland. Rinse and repeat.

Sunshine Coast/CabooltureStrawberries (Mar-Sept)
Raspberries (Sept-Oct)
GippslandVegetables (Oct-Mar)
Mildura/Robinvale/Swan HillGrapes (Jan-Apr)
Goulburn ValleyApples/Pears (Jan-Apr)
WeribeeVegetables (Oct-May)
Yarra ValleyStrawberries (Nov-May)
Cherries (Nov-Jan)
CobramCherries (Nov-Dec)
Stonefruit (Nov-Apr)
Swan Hill/NyahStonefruit (Nov-Feb)