Eva and Gennaro Arena have been using the QITE Harvest Trail Service (HTS) to source harvest workers for many years, and have found it a very easy and quick-to-use service. 

Eva and Gennaro find workers through QITE every year and have already advertised their jobs for their upcoming mango season with QITE HTS.

Beau Hatfield was placed with the Arenas in early January 2022 while he was on school holidays before commencing his last year of high school.

Beau Hatfield at Arena’s farm at Biboohra, Queensland

Since completing the mango season at the start of 2022, Beau has been going back to work on the Arena’s farm, pretty much every weekend and school holidays. They have even employed his 16-year-old brother to work some weekends.  Eva has said Beau has been very reliable, keen, and a motivated employee since he started with them. He has also started getting a group of friends together to complete the next mango season making finding workers even easier this year for the Arenas.

Beau Hatfield at Arena’s farm in Biboohra- Far North Queensland

Beau has now finished Year 12 and will be starting an auto electrician apprenticeship in the new year of course after he finishes off the 2022/23 mango season with the Arenas. Gennaro was a referee for Beau to get his apprenticeship. When they called, Gennaro did not hesitate to tell them to hire Beau as he is a great kid and great employee.

Finding this work through QITE Harvest Trail Services, Beau called and within two days had started work. This was fast and easy and he would certainly recommend the service.

Enjoying his first mango season since starting with the Arenas nearly 12 months ago, Beau now loves working outdoors. He has met a diverse variety of people during the season and learnt to drive tractors and picked up other very useful skills since he commenced on the farm.

Gennaro Arena in his farm at Biboohra – Far North Queensland

Beau especially loves working for the Arenas because they treated him and all other workers with respect and dignity. They were patient and made sure he was looked after. He thoroughly enjoys the ‘smokos’ provided. Eva is currently starting to bake banana breads and cakes to freeze so she has plenty of smokos for the workers for the upcoming mango season, to ensure they are well fed and looked after. It is very important for Eva and Gennaro that their employees are appreciated while working for them. Due to this they get a lot of return workers each year.