Here is an article by Kiara Stacey, Journalist with the Stock Journal –

Incidents of on-farm deaths have decreased by 20% in 2021 nationally, compared with 2020, according to the latest figures in the Non-intentional Farm Related Incidents in Australia 2021 report prepared by AgHealth Australia.

In 2021, tractors were listed the highest cause of death, outdoing quad bikes and side-by-side vehicles.

Of all reported injuries, 60% were caused from quad bikes, tractors or horses.

#PlantASeedforSafety founder Alex Thomas said technological advancements continued to increase safety on farm, particularly in the case of heavy machinery, but it was important to avoid complacency.

‘The more you have on your plate, the less focussed you are on the job and the higher the chance of something going wrong,’ she said.

‘Labour shortages mean farmers are often working harder and for longer, creating added physical and mental stress.’

‘Farm safety is the difference between seeing your kids grow up, and not.’

‘It’s that split-second judgement between taking a short cut and risking everything, or investing the time to slow down, speak up and take care.’

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