We sat down for a catch up with a MADEC graduate, Katelyn and asked a few questions related to Katelyn’s time with MADEC while studying CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support.

What year did you study with MADEC?

I studied with MADEC whilst I was in year 11 at school, back in 2018. 

What was the qualification that you studied during your time with MADEC?

I studied Certificate III in Individual Support with MADEC.

What made you choose MADEC to study these qualifications?

My school handed out booklets related to VET courses that we could study whilst being in high school. I saw Aged Care which stood out and was interesting to me.

What did you enjoy the most about studying with MADEC?

MADEC offered a lot of support during my study time with them, and the course was set out that your mind wasn’t constantly planted into a textbook. 

Were units and assignments set out clearly for you during your time of study? How did it benefit you with how your study was laid out for you?

Yes, they were. Each unit contained specific questions and an assignment throughout the course which made it easy to follow, and I think that study layout benefited me. Studying Aged Care was also a great stepping stone for me into nursing, and learning with MADEC helped me a lot.

How important was it to have people like Carey from Learner Support Services available to you during your studies?

If I didn’t have Carey, to be honest, my study would have been everywhere. Carey helped me make timetables to stay on top of my study while being a full-time student, complete my research project, and work. Carey helped me find a way to fit in school, study, work, and manage to have a social life as well, which was really good! 

How did MADEC help you figure out what career pathway you wanted to be on?

MADEC helped me figure that out because they offered the study of Aged Care while you’re still at school and learn workplace-specific skills and knowledge at a young age. This also helped because it counted towards my South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and gave me a nationally recognised qualification to help me get a job when I finished school.

How did studying with MADEC assist you in getting to where you are today?

MADEC gave me a stepping stone by doing Certificate III in Individual Support, which was excellent before nursing. It gained me accreditation for my nursing course and gave me the experience for it, so when it came to going on work placement, I had already learned the bedside manner. I already knew the basics, which made a difference. 

Would you recommend MADEC education & training to others, and if so, why?

That MADEC worked well with the school, you guys were so flexible, which was a big thing for me, and support was always there when you needed it, especially when you have the pressure of school that extra support really helps. 

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