Yoke Peng Chong (24), Jamie Zi Ling Ling (26), Kee Qui Tang (27) from Malaysia and Chia Chun Liu (30) from Taiwan have been in Australia for nearly three years, working mainly in Victoria.

Jamie and Kee studied Engineering in Malaysia before deciding to travel and settled on Australia as their first destination.

After arriving in Melbourne, they have picked grapes in Robinvale, stonefruit in Swan Hill, tomatoes in Shepparton, peaches in Cobram and are currently in Mildura ready for the citrus harvest.

 L-R: Yoke Peng Chong, Jamie Zi Ling Ling, Kee Qui Tang & Chia Chun Liu

Yoke studied Business Management in Malaysia before landing in Melbourne and worked in hospitality for almost two years before recently deciding to head to Mildura for a change of scenery and to be involved in orange picking.

Chia flew from Taiwan to Brisbane and picked strawberries on the Sunshine Coast before travelling to Swan Hill to pick stonefruit and winegrapes, then to Tatura for tomatoes, Wemen for carrots and is now in Mildura for the citrus season.

All plan to work for the Costa Group over the next six months in the Nangiloc-Colignan area.

They have relied on friends to find out about job opportunities but also regularly check the Harvest Trail Information Service (HTIS) social media platforms.

The plans for all four are to remain in Victoria for the foreseeable future as they have developed networks and connections and are familiar with the regions. If they were to travel more broadly, Northern Territory would be on the agenda.

They recommend the work to other would-be travellers and talk of the many different people from all over the world and from different cultures that they have encountered.

They also recommend Harvest Trail Services to anyone looking for farm work and have in their possession a copy of the Harvest Guide to help them plan their next work location.

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