From Executive Producer, Argentina

To Travelling Harvest Worker, Australia

Sebastian Herrara from Argentina knows all about hard work.  Sebastian has studied journalism and social communication and before leaving Argentina to come to Australia he was executive producer for ten years for the morning newscast of one of the most watched television stations in Argentina, Telefe Viacom CBS.

Sebastian travelled to Australia two years ago and was amazed at the beauty of Australia’s landscapes and our cities.  He has returned with a friend and completed twelve months of work within the agricultural industry.  He has been rewarded with a visa extension.   Sebastian told us that he was prepared to work hard in any role and gain experience and he wanted to ‘work to live’ instead of ‘live to work’.  

Sebastian has had a variety of jobs since arriving.  He has worked in Renmark, South Australia picking citrus.  Then travelled to Loxton and worked as a pallet stacker, box maker and bulk bin operator.  He then travelled to the beautiful Yorke Peninsula and operated the tripper that distributes grain to the silos while it was the grain season.  He also worked at a vegetable packing plant and now his next job will be a cellar hand at a winery.  

Sebastian told us that Latin Americans are used to working hard to achieve their goals.  He said the agricultural work is hard work, however, it can be done and is rewarding.

When asked if there was anything that he had have done that he didn’t expect to do, he told us ‘I didn’t expect to do any particular job. In Argentina I was leading a team of 35 people in one of the largest broadcasting companies in the world. However, I knew moving to another country, I would need to make an effort. I learned to do things that I could never have imagined. From cleaning a machine with chemicals to packing oranges.”

Sebastian said that one of the most beautiful experiences while in Australia was the generosity of a woman from whom he rented.  She let Sebastian borrow her car when his was unserviceable.  Simply taking care of me without knowing me was worth the weight in gold.  She was very kind and considerate.

Sebastian tells us that his long-term plan is to be able to study or obtain a residency that will allow him to live legally and safely in Australia.  We wish him all the best.