Meet Dylan Preston, a physiotherapist from Northern NSW.

He recently headed to the South West of WA to hit up Margaret River for its weather, lifestyle, and world-beating surfing conditions.

Deciding to get back to nature and out on the road crossing borders following a COVID-interrupted couple of years, Dylan came across a grape vine pruning job through Rural Enterprises Australia.

Building off a taste for horticulture work in Cudgen near the border of NSW and QLD harvesting sweet potatoes, the prospect of mixing work with surfing was too good an opportunity to pass up.

“I’d heard about the Harvest Trail whilst on my travels from the east. I love the feeling of working within nature and without a second thought decided to jump in headfirst!” he said.

And what of the working conditions?

“Amazing! Working out in the natural elements of a vineyard … the sunny days and camaraderie with work companions, we became a great team and family away from home. And having great bosses doesn’t hurt either”, recollected Dylan.

Whilst it’s common to come across snakes, spiders, and bees when working out on farms, you should be prepared for anything.

“Whilst pruning a few weeks ago we noticed a juvenile kangaroo labouring with its leg caught in a few meters of unfixed wire fencing. After a few minutes we managed to catch the kangaroo, snip through the fencing, and released the animal from the fence. It was such a special moment and something that I will never forget.” Whilst Dylan’s interactions with nature have provided unique memories, he maintains the work wasn’t too hard and he has some advice for those considering it.

“It was a lot easier than I expected to be honest … don’t hesitate trying harvest work, just do it”, he suggests.

It was clear the help and support of the Harvest Trail Services team didn’t go unnoticed.

“The great team at Rural Enterprises Australia have been so great to work with. They made the process of getting harvest work so simple and I’d like to once more say a big thank you to the whole team”.

If you are looking for workers like Dylan, why not contact your local Harvest Trail Service Provider or contact the Harvest Trail Information Service on free-call 1800 062 332 to discuss your needs.