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How to calculate ’88 days’ working under a piece rate agreement

Do you hold a Working Holiday visa and are you looking to extend your stay in Australia? If so, you will know you need to complete 88 days of ‘specified work’ in regional Australia to qualify for a second year. And if you want to stay a third year, you need to undertake 179 days […]

Piece Rates – still legal

Mark Twain is often mis-quoted as saying “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”.  And so, it is with piece rates too.  While there have been significant changes, piece rates are still quite legal under the Horticulture Award – but not everybody knows that! Don’t believe everything you read in the papers Despite inaccurate […]

Piece rates – still legal

Have you seen where farmers are no longer allowed to pay piece rates, where you are only paid for the amount of fruit you pick? Believe it or not – not everything on social media is accurate! Piecework remains legal but the rules have certainly changed. Know your facts before you start that farm job. […]