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Quad Bikes are Risky

Quad bikes are a major cause of death and serious injury on farms each year in Australia. Most quad bike related incidents are associated with rollovers. The risk of a rollover is increased if the quad bike is crossing a slope, towing an attachment, travelling over rocky or uneven ground, or carrying a heavy or […]

Child Deaths on Farms – Australia 2001-2019

Farms are not only workplaces, but in very many cases they are also homes. Homes where children are born and raised. Farms, in comparison to your average suburban residence, contain a range of additional hazards and risks, particularly to young people. Data published by Farmsafe Australia (Safer Farms 2022 – Agricultural Injury and Fatality Trend […]

Adult Farm Deaths – Australia 2001-2020

Earlier this year, the Australian Journal of Rural Health published findings from research conducted into farm deaths across Australia from 2001-2020. We already know from previous research that agriculture is a high-risk industry and that older farmers are known to be at increased risk of fatal injury. We also know that farm vehicles and machinery […]