MADEC Australia is happy to announce the appointment of Donna Mogg to the position of HTIS State Manager responsible for Queensland and Northern Territory.

Donna Mogg

Donna joins Robert Hayes and Peter Angel to become the third State Manager, to further the objectives of the Harvest Trail Information Service.

The primary role of State Managers is to build employers’ awareness of how Harvest Trail Services can meet their labour needs, and to advise government on the scale and causes of harvest related skills and labour shortages, including the forecasting of labour demands.

Donna is co-located with Growcom in their Brisbane office, and is already a well-known face for many industry workers.

She has spent the past 15 years working as a Workplace Relations specialist in the agriculture sector, which has led to extensive professional and personal networks, as well as healthy and positive working relationships with key industry bodies and individuals.

Her most recent position saw her working with the Fair Farms Initiative delivering training programs to employers.

Donna’s horticultural networks within Queensland are extensive, but they also cross borders; for example, within the Northern Territory she has worked with the NFTA, and in Western Australia she worked with Vegetables WA, and in Northern New South Wales she has worked with OzHarvest and blueberry growers.

Donna joins MADEC at the same time as the new Harvest Trail Information Service is about to be launched.

The reformed national Harvest Trail Information Service will allow employers and job seekers to access greater benefits from the service.

As part of the reforms the Harvest Trail website has been revamped so job seekers (including Australians and visa holders) and employers can easily see what jobs and services are available.

A Harvest Guide will also be published and distributed in hard copy form to thousands of jobseekers, information centres, and accommodation providers across the country twice per year.

The third element of the Harvest Trail Information Service is a national contact and communications centre, which operates from 8am to 11pm Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Trained operators can help employers list vacancies on the Harvest Trail website, and they can also help jobseekers know where vacancies exist and what the work involves.

More than ever the HTIS will play a crucial role in linking seasonal workers with horticulture vacancies across the country.

The contact number is 1800 062 332.