With numerous pests posing a threat to our crops, it's crucial we all understand how our national biosecurity system works. 

Let’s break down our defence system and talk about the vital part you play in keeping our farms safe.

How Our System Works

Before the Border

It all starts long before any threat touches Australian soil. The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry meticulously evaluates risks associated with plant and plant product imports by analysing exporting countries’ pest and disease profiles. This isn’t just bureaucracy—it’s our first line of defence, ensuring risk stays far from our fields.

At the Border

When goods hit our shores, they’re not just waved through. We have rigorous checks in place—think high-tech X-ray machines and those highly trained detector dogs. This stringent scrutiny ensures that only goods meeting our biosecurity standards are allowed entry, effectively forming our frontline defence against biological threats.

After the Border

But what if something slips past? That’s where our rapid-response surveillance and emergency systems come into play. Early detection means quick action, allowing us to manage and contain any outbreaks before they get out of hand.

Your Crucial Role

This isn’t just a job for the government; it’s on all of us. Your role is crucial, whether it’s sticking to import protocols or keeping an eye out for unusual pest activity. Every report you make and every standard you follow builds a more robust defence for our agricultural industry.

Get to Know the EPPRD

Understanding the Emergency Plant Pest Response Deed is vital. It’s the blueprint for how we all respond to pest threats—government and growers alike. Knowing your part in this plan means you’re ready to act fast when push comes to shove.

Stay Sharp

Keeping up with regular training and the latest updates can be valuable in pest detection. Our pests aren’t static; they evolve, and so must our strategies. Regional grower associations and industry events are great for staying on top of changes and innovations that can make a real difference in a pinch.

Report Fast

Do you suspect something in your crops? Call the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881. It’s not just another number on your fridge; it’s possibly the quickest way to handle a potential outbreak. Early reporting changes outcomes.

Together We Stand

It’s all about teamwork. Every one of us plays a part, from individual growers to government agencies. Staying informed and proactive is essential—not just as best practice but as our collective defence strategy. Our unity is our strength as we face a diverse array of pests, each with unique challenges. By embracing new technologies and continuously refining our methods, we keep our defences robust and our agriculture thriving.

Please visit the Plant Health Australia website for the latest in biosecurity tactics, detailed protocols, updates, and resources.

Plant Health Australia website.