In the lush and vibrant landscapes of Far North Queensland, from the tropical allure of Cape York to the bustling agricultural hub of Bowen, Q.I.T.E. Harvest Trail Services (HTS) stands as a beacon of support for employers and workers in the horticulture industry. 

With a network of offices strategically located in Atherton, Mareeba, Dimbulah, Cairns, Innisfail, Tully, Ravenshoe, Bowen, Ayr, and Townsville, they are dedicated to creating fruitful connections throughout the year.

Since 1 July 2020, Q.I.T.E. has proudly expanded its footprint, under a Commonwealth Government contract, to ensure that Far North Queensland’s harvest areas are well-served.

The HTS is a testament to Q.I.T.E.’s commitment to the community, offering a free service that not only helps employers find the right harvest workers but also ensures that only workers with valid work rights are referred. The mobility of jobseekers is a priority, ensuring that the right hands are available wherever and whenever the harvest calls.

Keely is at the centre of the Q.I.T.E. team, deeply rooted in the region, and understands the pulse of the local horticulture sector. The team maintain a close dialogue with growers and industry groups, staying ahead of regional trends and industry needs. This insight is invaluable, equipping the team to offer tailored advice and information to harvest workers, especially those coming from outside the region.

Far North Queensland has a bounty of diversity, with a calendar bursting with harvest opportunities. Vegetables, melons, mangoes, stone fruits, and exotic tropical offerings like dragon fruit, lychees and achacha are just a few of the crops that grow in the region. The HTS staff are experts in navigating this diversity, ensuring that the labour needs of crops like bananas, papayas, sugar cane, and a plethora of others are met with precision.

Success stories like that of Eva and Gennaro Arena who have relied on Q.I.T.E. HTS for years, underscore the efficacy of the service. Their experience with workers exemplifies the mutual benefits of the service.

Gennaro Arena in his farm at Biboohra – Far North Queensland

At this year’s Mareeba Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards, three team members received nominations for the People’s Choice – Customer Service award. Their nominations are a testament to the hard work and dedication that is the hallmark of their service and Q.I.T.E.’s unwavering vision: “to provide meaningful employment and support for all clients, adding value to the people we serve their families and communities.

Q.I.T.E.’s mission is clear and compelling—they strive to create and drive inclusive, people-centred employment opportunities, utilising the best available techniques to improve the prosperity and lives of clients, employers, and communities.”

Nicole, Keely and Enola at this year’s Mareeba Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. Source: Q.I.T.E.

With a focus on quality over quantity, Q.I.T.E. ensures that every worker is ready and eager to contribute to the region’s harvest success, so for those seeking work in Far North Queensland or for growers in search of dedicated workers, contact the Harvest Trail Information Service on 1800 062 332 to find out how Q.I.T.E. can support you.