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A supportive environment gets the most out of staff at Marenny Vale

Apples, plums, cherries and cider – Marenny Vale Orchards need a well-rounded team for their busy operations in Shepparton. Now third-generation fruit growers, Marenny Vale Orchards was started in the 1980s by Mark and Jenny Morey. An abandoned citrus grove was their first venture, which they soon turned into a highly productive apple orchard. In […]

We’re harvest workers – just not the usual suspects

With COVID-19 disrupting backpacker availability for fruit picking and harvest work, MADEC is helping Australian growers explore a new market for staff. Their own backyard. Oakes & Sons, a family-run business producing pineapples and cane, has seven locations around the Maroochy River in Queensland. As the COVID-19 pandemic set in, brothers Gordan and Murray who […]

Tailored services provide the right candidates for flower picking

Maarten Blokker, Director at Blokker – flower growers in Tasmania – says working with MADEC helped them secure the right workforce. Located in Wesley Vale, North-West Tasmania, Blokker produce Freesias, Irises, Ranunculus and Sunflowers over two hectares of glasshouses. Depending on the season they also grow between five and ten acres outdoors. The Blokker flower […]

Flower picking an outdoor lifestyle

Beautiful experiences make flower picking the job of choice for Jacquie Bailey-Rodick. In early 2022, Jacquie was working at a yoga retreat in Northern NSW – when local flooding started, she picked up and made her way to Tasmania to pursue flower picking. Life on the farm Jacquie currently lives and works at a beautiful […]

Harvest work provides flexibility, friendships – and the occasional quokka sighting

Harvest work can be so much more than just extra money. For traveller Tamara Kartheininger its about meeting great people across the country, experiencing all types of work, and seizing the opportunity to see some incredible wildlife. Tamara Kartheiniger and her partner are engineers from Germany. They came to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa […]

From running tables to packing lychees

Caboolture’s Suzanne Gall moved to harvest work after a long career in hospitality – and was surprised how much she loved it. Suzanne, a Caboolture local, worked in hospitality for 33 years but when she started experiencing health issues, she went looking for something different. A ‘friend of a friend’ had started harvest work and […]