Monthly Archives: December 2020

Induction Process

Is your Induction Process robust enough? Does your on-boarding process with new workers meet the Fair Work standard?  Does it provide your employees with the information they require to work on your farm?  And conversely, have you collected the necessary information to ensure you are complying with laws and regulations? A robust induction process is […]


The luscious summer fruit you never knew you needed In Australia in the ‘early days’, lychees were purchased in cans and were considered a most exotic fruit, if they were even heard of.   Nowadays, 12% of Australian households regularly purchase lychees from the supply chain. Total production in Australia is just over 2,700 tonnes. […]

Piecework Rates

Image Source: Flickr / Alex Proimos There is a lot of negative media around pay and conditions for horticulture workers. Special attention is paid to the use of the piece-work provisions of the Horticulture Award.  It is important to state upfront that paying wages based on productivity has been a part of horticulture since Eve […]